Focus On The Facts

Focus On The Facts - 08.21.18

August 21, 2018

Patricia Negron and I covered the latest news including the escalating fallout of Israel's apartheid law in Palestine and new wave of covert operations in Syria and Ukraine, and the unexpected death of investigative journalist Jenny Moore, the woman who was about the release information on the rape of a child by Bill Clinton and many other DC elites at Yacht parties where child sex trafficking rings were set up. Also cover latest on all the Hollywood perverts and pedophiles being exposed by Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors including Fiona Barnett from Australia and actress Asia Argento settling a child rape lawsuit at exact same time she accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her.  Also discussed latest scandals at the Vatican and Pope Francis is facing more protests & controversy as he heads to #Dublin, Irland.