Focus On The Facts

Focus On The Facts - 07.24.18

July 24, 2018

Patricia Negron and I covered the latest details on the take-down of the Global Pedophile Network and discussed the many sex abuse problems at the Vatican. Cardinal George Pell is currently on trial for sexual abuse of children in Australia. Top US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was removed from the pubic ministry last month after being accused of multiple sex crimes against children. He is now the highest ranking Catholic official in the US to be removed for sexual abuse of a minor. The Spanish Catholic Church is under fires for stealing & trafficking an estimated 300K babies. Also covered the latest news on the Hollywood perverts and pedophiles and Ben Szemkus gave us an update on the polygraph he took to verify his story about attending a NXIVM Sex Cult party in 2007 and the elite people he saw at the party.


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