Focus On The Facts

Focus On The Facts - 03.02.20

March 2, 2020

Todays guest is author, minister, & child advocate, Kevin Annett. Kevin has spearheaded an effort to hold governments & institutions accountable for their barbarity against the innocent with the first successful prosecution and conviction of the Vatican, Canada and the Crown of England for Crimes against Humanity.  His book Murder by Decree is an uncensored record of the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”, a theme we continue to see play out today all over the world in Palestine, India, Bolivia, & elsewhere.

As part of a broader effort to empower the public at-large to hold the criminals in power accountable, Kevin has published several books including his 2017 book, the Common Law Training Manual & the 2018 Case for Kanata, both of which are indispensable tools to educate and mobilize the average citizen to reclaim their freedom from arbitrary rulers and their tyranny. 

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