Focus On The Facts

Focus On The Facts - 02.19.20

February 19, 2020
Todays guest is Deb Della Piana, a former advertising executive & founder of #BecomeUngovernable, who believes that participation in U.S. institutional systems is a waste of time, making it counterproductive to producing the systemic change needed for us to survive as a species.  We talked about the system we currently have in place & the false notion of its function as representative of The People when, in fact, the model on which it is based was never designed to be a democratic system. We have been indoctrinated from birth to believe in systems that only serve a small privileged class, in reality. We also discussed the systems easily within our grasp that can be employed to replace the corrupt infrastructure currently oppressing us.  We talked bartering, citizen tribunals, ESOPs, ballot initiatives, & community lenders. 

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