Focus On The Facts - 04.24.17

April 25, 2017

Guest was Kevin Galalae, Director of the Center for Global Consciousness and the most informed expert in the world on the UN's global depopulation agenda and socially engineered genocide with covert chemical and biological agents used all over the world since 1945, including vaccines, Fluoride in water, GMO foods and pesticides, Geoengineering and chemtrail spraying.


Focus On The Facts - 04.18.17

April 19, 2017

Guest was Amy James. Discussed the depopulation agenda and the various methods of genocide being conducted in the US through chemtrail sprayng, poisonous vaccines and pharma drugs, GMO foods and pesticides, flouride and toxins in drinking water, and the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant.


Focus On The Facts - 04.10.17

April 12, 2017

Guest George Webb. Discussed his investigation into the Ratlines set up by Hillary Clinton, the CIA and Dyncorp for child sex trafficking, drug and arms running and the human organ harvesting operation in Syria, Iraq, Haiti and many other countries including in the United States.